terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2006


"drove with HELLA WUOLIJOKI to marlebäk (kausala). she is letting us have a villa surrounded by lovely birch trees. we discuss the quietness out here. but it isn't quiet; it's just that the noises are so much more natural, the wind in the trees, the rustle of grass, the twittering and the sound of water, the white manor house with its two rows each of eight large windows is over 100 years old, built in empire style, the rooms would not disgrace a museum. alongside it lies a huge stone building for the cows (some 80 head) with openings for foder overhead for the forage lorry to drive to, and handsome water conduits, all in iron and magnificent wood, the reddish pine of the north. the winter in this year of war was very severe, so the cherry orchard froze, and thaks to the lack of rain this spring the vegetables are poorly. there is a small wooden house in which 14 karelians are living, fishermen and their families who were evacuated. they pay no renta and get 10 finnish marks a day. h.w. thinks they manage all right on that. but they can see no future, their fate is being decided by parliament.
we are very sleepy; due no doubt to the unfamiliar air. just the smell of the birches is intoxicating, as is the smell of wood. between the birches is a mass of wild strawberries, and the children are exhausted with picking them. helli is going to have difficulty cooking, i'm afraid, the stove needs to be kept in and the water supply is outdoors. but the people are very friendly and h.w. has an unending fund of stories."

Bertold Brech -5 jul 40