quarta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2006


The Master of Theories did not exist in Discotheater. Here are some of the theories that he had (before disappearing)...

1st theorie – Large Trousers
Everyone knows that poverty has always existed. But my theory around large trousers has its focus on the poverty produced by the apocalyptic nourishment of the industrial advent. The base of my thesis is that, since the empowerment of the middle class, with it’s rise to a kind of richly modus vivendi of bourgeoisie, the space between the lower class and the middle class has deepened, and therefore poor got thinner as the richer got fatter. And since the poorer have always kind of recycled in some medieval way, things and objects left or abandoned by these new noble people, the pants which they get hand to in some garbage can or in some charity shop, have also growned. So, in a very unexpected way, whereas we would think that it would be the other way around, they try to fit their little bodies into those large trousers. And because lifestyle is destined to a massive number of people, and since the poorer have growned in percentage, by a tautological deduction, what was born as a necessity has become a master rule of the aesthetics of society. Everybody wants to wear large trousers. Here lies the big problem. As the rich get larger, and since they want also a part of the cake, they will demand industry even bigger trousers for their big bodies. And therefore, one day we will have a pair of trousers so large that will dress the whole world.