segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2008

(dádiva da minha amiga Row)

But for those who follow me, although I do not make any progress, I shall now unfold the eternal truth, by virtue of which this philosophy remains within itself, and admits of no higher philosophy. For if I proceeded from my principle, I should find it impossible to stop; for if I stopped, I should regret it, and if I did not stop, I should also regret that, and so forth. But since I never start, so I can never stop; my eternal departure is identical with my eternal cessation. Experience has shown that it is by no means difficult for philosophy to begin. Far from it. It begins with nothing, and consequently can always begin. But the difficulty, both with philosophy and for philosophers, is to stop. This difficulty is obviated in my philosophy; for if any one believes that when I stop now, I really stop, he proves himself lacking in the speculative insight. For I do not stop now, I stopped at the time when I began. [Anchor ed., 1, 381]
(Kierkegaard, Either/Or)