sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009


Brevemente numa edição Austríaca
um texto de André e. Teodósio

"I came up with various bombastic titles for this text: Co-creation as the new anonymous; you can Haider but you can’t run (about evolution in the arts)’…"

"Do you think I am a hermit?
That I don’t go out at night?
That I don’t eat?
Do you secretly worship me as an untouchable god?"

"Do you know what I thought yesterday, somewhere between Congo and Algeria? That when a politician has the need to say "I have a dream", then we know that it is time for an artist to say "I have politics"… "

"Isn't it time to kill all these so-called "collective" and/or "co-creation" groups on grounds of wimpiness?
Shouldn’t the author come forward and sign in blood and with authority the kernel of the performance?
Or is it that "collective"/"co-creation" still remains a utopic and therefore necessary performatical state that may, one day, result in another attempt to pursue the path of the homo faber that was overtaken one day by the “homo stupidus”?"

"1 -I want to see THEM in them flesh.
3 - THEM = demos?
2 - You belong to the object lovers’ society. That is why you have written this.
1 - I object!"

"From Plato to Platoon. Now that is revolution."