domingo, 15 de novembro de 2009

“There are low, wide angles featuring their boots and spurs, big close-ups, pistols in holsters, and the endless prolongation of the moment before the guns are drawn. For Leone, what counts is what goes on before. It’s this moment – when the gunfighters’ eyes lock – which he stretches, longer and longer, in each successive movie. The action itself – the guns drawn, the bullets hit – is over in a couple of seconds. The villain may stagger around, spitting blood. The showdown, not the gunfight, was the key moment of the film.” Alex Cox, 10,000 Ways to Die – A Director’s Take on The Spaghetti Western

A propósito disto já aqui foi postado (a 18 de Agosto) o final de Public Enemy (a morte de James Cagney que dura e dura…) e a propósito disto o showdown de um dos meus favoritos: Once upon a time in the west.