terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009

Steinweg em Amesterdão

The subject is that which is capable of inventing a sense within the desert of non-sense that is the space of its freedom and impotence. The experience of freedom cannot be separated from the experience of impotence. Because the subject's freedom is absolute, its impotence is total. The absolutism of freedom has already connected with total impotence. Impotent freedom moves the subject toward an absolute limit. As the subject of a borderline experience, it realizes its freedom by affirming its impotence as the condition of its freedom. Instead of competing with documentation and historical labour, art is an opening toward the future. It is always a matter of tailoring names for the future, of giving form today — here and now — to the anonymity of tomorrow. The task of art includes the courage to give answers to questions posed by the future, to questions that do not pre-exist. There is no art beyond such an answer. There is no art beyond the wager of creation, of bringing forth something new. No matter how much what is new has to rely on what already exists, no matter how much it remains embedded within a material texture (as demanded by the Aristotelean perspective), the new nevertheless thoroughly redefines this texture; it thoroughly defines it anew until it appears within it incognito, anónymos.