quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

Can you feel the love power coming your way?

(Making a toast) Well, to wonderful chats, and Boswell and Johnson, and Leopold and Ariel, and this summer night, and you two, of course.
- And Maxwell.
- And Dr Maxwell Jordan.
- Doctor of high jinks.
- And to Adrian and Andrew.

Where did that come from? Maxwell! Maxwell!

- Maxwell, what is it?
- Maxwell, are you all right?
- Did you hurt yourself?
- You're bleeding.
Maxwell - I just picked it up and it went off. I didn't know it was loaded.

Put that thing down! Be careful with it!
Andrew - Jesus, are you OK?
Maxwell - Yeah, I'm all right. I'm OK. Go on back to dinner.
There's no harm done. I'm all right.
- Everybody, go.
- We'll put a bandage on it.
Andrew - Go back to the house. We'll put some alcohol on it. Just relax. He's OK.
Maxwell, let me see that thing for a second. Maxwell, are you crazy? I never keep bullets in that thing.
Maxwell - So what?
Andrew - So are you insane? Is she worth putting a bullet through your head for?
Maxwell - I love her.
Andrew - I don't know who I'm talking to any more. I don't know you.
Maxwell - Nobody knows me.
Andrew - Don't be melodramatic. Are you crazy?
Maxwell - Maybe I'm drunk, but I haven't been able to think of anything else but her all day.
I have to be alone with her.
Andrew - What are you telling me? What would have happened if you hadn't missed? What a tragedy that would be.
Maxwell - Wouldn't you die for Ariel?
Andrew - Me?
Maxwell - I see the way you look at her.
Andrew- I'm not a poet. I don't die for love. I work on Wall Street.
Maxwell - I waited for her. You never sent her.
Andrew - I tried!
Maxwell - Was she willing to come?
Andrew - Yes! I tried to take her by air. We fell into the lake. It was ridiculous. We had to get out. We walked. Our clothes were soaking wet.
Maxwell - It sounds very romantic, walking around with wet clothes.
Did you kiss her?
Andrew - Kiss her? I sneezed on her.
Maxwell - Why do you blush when we discuss her?
Andrew - Maxwell, leave me alone!                  
If I did love her, it wouldn't matter. She's marrying Leopold.                  
Maxwell - What do you mean, if you did love her? Do you love her?
Andrew - I'm saying "if". If I loved her, if I wasn't married, then...
Maxwell - Then... 
Andrew - Well, then we would have some problems.

in "Midusmmer night sex comedy" by Woody Allen