terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

let me stay in your summer

Andrew - Do you remember these woods at all? Do you remember the bridge down there?
Ariel - Of course. It was one of the most beautiful summer nights I'd ever seen.
Andrew - It was very romantic. I think about that night all the time.
Ariel - No, really?
Andrew - Yeah. And when I do, I want to kill you. Kill you or myself, but much more you.
Ariel - What for?
Andrew - Do you have any idea how much I lusted after you?
Ariel - Why didn't you do something? I wanted you to.
Andrew - You were this diplomat's daughter, raised by nuns. I was shy. We were not in love. It was pure animal lust.
Ariel - That's just what I was in the mood for.
Andrew - I know. I missed an opportunity. I've regretted it ever since.
Ariel - That's the saddest thing in life, a missed opportunity.
Andrew - And particularly rotten in this case. Because after you left, a month after you went to Europe, I learned that you were, and had been, sleeping with everyone. Everyone!
Ariel - Not everyone. (pause.) Well, maybe it was everyone.
Andrew - I wouldn't have been the first, I'd have been the 30st. Writers, bankers, poets, the entire infield of the Chicago White Sox.
Ariel - You have to admit, I wasn't one of your shrinking, mousy, inhibited virgins.
Andrew - The understatement of the century.
Ariel - Did you want me to take charge? You didn't act like you wanted anything.
Andrew - I was used to slower women. Adrian and I had no sex till we were married.
Ariel - Why are we rehashing all this? Huh? It's over. We're two older people now. By tomorrow this time, I'll be married too.
Andrew - What is it with you and Leopold? He's so much older than you.
Ariel - Leopold's very brilliant. A genius.
Andrew - So what? If you're such a free spirit, why do you want to tie yourself down?            
Ariel - You know. For a woman, the years slip away quickly.
Andrew - Don't tell me you're getting scared.
Ariel - Maybe.
Andrew - But why? I don't understand. You're so beautiful and charming. You could get any man that you wanted.
Ariel - No, that's not true.
Andrew - That was always true, Ariel.
Ariel - Not you.
Andrew - Me?
Ariel - I think amongst all the love affairs I was running through then, you were the one person that could have stopped me.
Andrew - I could have?
Ariel - Yeah. I... I was really beginning to care for you.
Andrew - Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we'd made love that night. The moment was so perfect.
Ariel - People find out things about themselves through lovemaking that they never dreamed of. What? What are you thinking?  
Andrew - Nothing. Only that our whole lives might have been different if only I had acted.
Ariel - Tell me something, Andrew. If you lusted after me so, why weren't you also in love with me?
Andrew - Can the two feelings really be separate? 

in "Midusmmer night sex comedy" by Woody Allen