terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Barco do Triunfo

STAGE-DIRECTOR Consider for a moment the relationship of the men on a ship, and you will understand what I consider to be the relationship of men in a theatre. Who are the workers on a ship?

PLAYGOER A ship ? Why, there is the captain, the commander, the first, second and third lieutenants, the navigation officer, and so on, and the crew.

STAGE-DIRECTOR Well, and what is it that guides the ship?

PLAYGOER The rudder?

STAGE-DIRECTOR Yes, and what else?

PLAYGOER The steersmanwho holds the wheel of the rudder.

STAGE-DIRECTOR And who else?

PLAYGOER The man who controls the steersman.

STAGE-DIRECTOR And who is that?

PLAYGOER The navigation officer.

STAGE-DIRECTOR And who controls the navigation officer?

PLAYGOER The captain.

STAGE-DIRECTOR And are any orders which do not come from the captain, or by his authority, obeyed?

PLAYGOER No, they should not be.

STAGE-DIRECTOR And can the ship steer its course in safety without the captain?

PLAYGOER It is not usual.

STAGE-DIRECTOR And do the crew obey the captain and his officers?

PLAYGOER Yes, as a rule.



STAGE-DIRECTOR And is that not called discipline?


STAGE-DIRECTOR And discipline what is that the result of?

PLAYGOER The proper and willing subjection to rules and principles.

STAGE-DIRECTOR And the first of those principles is obedience,is it not?


STAGE-DIRECTOR Very well, then. It will not be difficult for you to understand that a theatre in which so many hundred persons are engaged at work is in many respects like a ship, and demands like management. And it will not be difficult for you to see how the slightest sign of disobedience would be disastrous. Mutiny has been well anticipated in the navy, but not in the theatre. The navy has taken care to define, in clear and unmistakable voice, that the captain of the vessel is the king, and a despotic ruler into the bargain. Mutiny on a ship is dealt with by a court-martial, and is put down by very severe punishment, by imprisonment, or by dismissal from the service.

PLAYGOER But you are not going to suggest such a possibility for the theatre?

Gordon Craig, The Art of the Theatre. 1st Dialogue