quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2006

Agatha Christie (Lyric)

This is a song
About my dearest friend Agatha Christie

It was a sunny day
But she was feeling lousy
Her husband just fell in love with a bitch
And that was tragic, and that was tragic

Agatha was pretty fucked up
So she decided to get wasted
And so she did, and so she did

She was driving down the street
With her head full of whispers
So she jumped out of the car
To get some air

And nearby there was a river
And she was looking to her own reflection in the water
Saying: God, oh God… Why me? Why me?

So God decided to come down
And put his hand on her shoulder
Saying: Agatha don’t you cry no more
Agatha, you are beautiful to me

Agatha, Agatha
You have to trust your sexuality
Trust the beauty within
I’m you’re hero for the night
Let’s stay together
Come on, come on
Let’s stay together

After that evening
She felt herself reborn
So she decided to join a spa
With the bitches name

And nevermore, did she thought about suicide

Agatha, Agatha
Don’t you cry no more
Agatha, Agatha
You are beautiful
So beautiful
To me…