quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2006

Livro XVI
15/11/05 Fnac Colombo 33,66€
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Les Grands Spectacles (120 Years of Art and Mass Culture)
orgn. de Agnes Husslein-Arco + Margrit Brehm e Roberto Ohrt
Hatje Cantz

"The middle class too, having sorted out its interests in rising to the position of leading force in the world, took every effort to maintain a discreet distance from the former pleasures. In the late 19 th century, the established theatre had clearly eliminated all the typical ingredients from the old witches' kitchen of the spectacle. Since then, the German term Schauspiel (for the dramatic performances in the theatre) has had a more sober or sublime ring to it. Wild exaggerations, carnivalesque elements, freaks, agitation or apparent profanity - all that could only be tolerated on the cultural periphery, in sideshows and cabaret, in circus marquees, at the zoo or in the, mainly temporary, fun fairs that served to «amuse the people». "