terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2007

Eurovision in Hungary and Slovenia

Enquanto o Hamlet continua até ao fim-de-semana no Teatro Maria Matos,
with the support of Instituto Camões:
Teatro Praga presents the performance Eurovision in Hungary and Slovenia

In Budapest, Hungary
19th October 20:00
Trafó – Reaktor
1094 Budapest Tűzoltó u. 22. 215-1600
more info here:

In Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia
25th October 19:00
Gledališče 2B - Kulturni dom Joža Ažmana
Triglavska cesta 16, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica

(fotografia: Ângelo Fernandes)

Staging > co-creation > text > Pedro Penim, Martim Pedroso and André e. Teodósio
Performance > Pedro Penim and André e. Teodósio
Production > Pedro Pires

Is there such a thing as European identity? Does the old continent have a past as well as its age? Does this past bind or separate? Can we understand each other if we speak thirty-five different languages? The two-man “show” staged by Teatro Praga, one of Portugal’s most exciting experimental theatres, looks at these questions and rather than answering them, confronts the audience with more questions. To pin down Europeanness they chose the biggest kitsch parade of the common cause, the Eurovision Song Contest, where the representatives of peoples with different cultures, languages, ways of life and standards of living join in a parade of uniform tastelessness. The two talented young actor-directors, Pedro Penim and André e. Teodósio have created a spectacular and ironic performance that, in keeping with its subject, is multilingual and uses many elements drawn from other branches of the arts.

[A co-production by Teatro Praga ZDB Transforma AC]

Supported by Instituto Camões,
Embaixada de Portugal na Eslovénia and Embaixada de Portugal na Hungria