sábado, 26 de julho de 2008


So as the burgers were afraid to reach the "dragon's (which were in fact crocodiles) river" who (as the legend says) would kill a human being in a very short time, the dragons themselves (which were in fact crocodiles) developed some tics in defense (dry coughing, as if one day flames would emerge!) so that the villagers would not see them as fragile animals (which would certainly mean their green death in a very short time).
And as the writer didn't trust at all the truthfulness of 'tales of dragons', he kept writing about them (for the faith of others); and the readers, oh the readers, which weren't themselves sure of the author's dementia (and also of the other readers dementia) pursuited on passing mouth-to-mouth the 'leap of the real constantive of the authors latest bible' (whatever that meant).
And all this mess was atributted to the hand of God (which, by the way wasn't born yet). God was only born after the mess and yet, misteriously, it is true I am telling you, he is also the cause of it.
And we have a name for that.